The Environmental Regulations More And More Serious

From the end of last year, China began a storm of environmental regulations , all factories thought that this will be over soon like a wind. But the year of 2017  seems even more hard for us. Chinese center government dispatched 5600 core members, composed of 28 inspection team to all cities in China to supervise the local governments.

The storm just begins, it will not stop. It is a unprecedented "bombing" supervision !

UAV dispatched,

Use satellite remote sensing,

Working with the power sector,

Carry out all-round no dead angle reconnaissance.

Mines shut down, the pottery factories do not open the kiln, the chemical plant closed down, hennery and hoggery pulled down, painting shop closed...

As a electric bike manufacturer in China, we really wish the government can give us a solution rather than just close and fine. We need to make the best electric bike for our clients.