Regulatory Power To Electric Bikes, "walk Hard"

The evening of April 29, Hong Kong Road, Hefei city, an electric bike "bang" a hit on a red car, fortunately no one was injured. Car owner recalled, almost middle of the road after the car turned around at that time, he suddenly saw the electric bicycle and drive her from coming, immediately hit the brakes to stop, but was rushed through to hit the front left side of electric bicycles, fortunately, both mother and son were on the electric car was not injured.
Occurred accident, riding electric bike of middle-aged women was scare have not light, in confirmed children sound Hou, she active apologized and description has reasons: to speed fast, she on will electric bike riding to has road middle, dang see ahead car open left lamp to turned, she on wants to accelerated over to; didn't thought overtaking distance enough, brake and not works, results directly hit has car.