Many "pizza Man" Retrograde Speed

From April 11, the road ban Chang ' an avenue, the 10 General provisions for electric bikes, what are the results of the new rules implemented for nearly a month? Reporters came to the section, conducted field interviews.
Chang an Street, electric vehicle fast reverse
Reporter first came to trade bridge East founding roadside of big North kiln East bus station, platform next of railing Shang hanging with a article red banner, Shang wrote "since April 11 up, Changan Street and extension Shang ban non-motor vehicle passage (bike except)", not distance of Poles Shang has a blue end of white of traffic identifies brand, wrote with "trade bridge to founding door bridge non-motor vehicle ban passage (bike except)" of words, identifies brand near hundreds of meters see not to duty of police. Journalists at the roadside for more than half an hour, there have been six-bike through the stretch, three of which were takeout and the electric car.