JOBO 2019 Annual General Meeting

JOBO annual general meeting was warmly held on 25th,Jan 2019. All of JOBO families attended the meeting with joy and excitement.

JOBO families

The vice president Mr. Huang retrospected JOBO electric bikes output in 2018 grew 80% than 2017. 

Which is a really fantastic progress under the trade war and anti-dumping situation. 

We believe JOBO 2019 will be better and better.


In order to appreciate JOBO families hard working, JOBO prepared many gifts and the lottery for us. 

The first prize is folding electric bikes produced by ourselves. There are 2 lucky men won them. Congratulations! 

electric bikes

Otherwise there are still 30 more lucky dogs got other prizes. That was such enviable.

JOBO Prizes

JOBO Prize

At last, JOBO 2019 annual general meeting ended in lots of fun. 

Thanks all of JOBO families. 

We expect to work harder and make another splendid achievement in 2019!