Electric Vehicle Charging Charging Problems

Recently, the Nanning Jiangnan branch maintenance Vice President Zhao with two class members, came to the Gangnam Fu de Cun, troubleshooting safety hidden trouble in the village. They randomly knock on the door de Cun-rich households. Into the room, greeted the turmoil took everyone by surprise--wire privacy, cross hanging on a hook in the ceiling, lay scattered on the floor more than 10 outlets, some tenants from four or five buildings with one or two thin wires down to the ground floor direct to charge electric bicycles, safety hazard of shocking.
This year, cause, Nanning city, there were more than 150 electric bike charging irregularities caused the fire, have also led to the killing. Recently, Guangxi power grid company in its service territory of villages to conduct electricity safety hidden danger treatment, prevention and containment of village safety accidents, building villages in safe and reliable electrical environment.