Electric Chaos Urgent Renovation

A few days ago, reporters saw in the street, a bus passenger electric tricycle swerved, was run over by a speeding car, causing injuries, traffic jams. Usually like this kind of loitering for electric cars common occurrences of traffic accidents. Even if you're walking down the sidewalk, electric tricycle, electric bicycles are also often ran over from your side, people often break out in a cold sweat.
Countries have established the highest standard electric bikes cannot exceed 20 kilometers per hour, can't weigh more than 40 kg. But now most of the speed is up to 40 kilometres per hour even over 60 km, weight up to 100 kg. It can be said that speed of electric vehicles on the market than "GB", belonging to the standard vehicle. It was reported that the national population has exceeded 200 million unit for electric bikes, at present, street racing in XI ' an electric bicycle, electric tricycles mostly overweight vehicles. So many standard electric bicycle, electric tricycle in the streets wearing, the traffic safety situation we face how serious it is?