Be Aware Of The Cheap Forwarders

To all JOBO friends,

Currently, we had one client(call him Mark) cheated by a new Chinese forwarder which was found in Canton Fair. We know he is not the only one being cheated, and will not be the last one either. Here we share this story to all JOBO friends, and wish everyone being aware.

18th June, 2017

Our electric pedicabs were ready for shipping. JOBO quotated a good  price for shipping from Ningbo port to Italy from our cooperation forwarder.

3rd July , 2017

Mark replied he got a forwarder better in price. Here is the mail from Vicki


Mark didn’t realize no metter how much price he want, Vicki will always agree to cooperation. JOBO also didn’t know about this either at that time.

6th July,2017

 A guy called KING called JOBO to arrange the shipping. We booked containers, arranged loading, shipping on board on 19th July, got BL copy. Everything seems going well.



28 August 2017

Mark paid the shipping cost to the company called:





30th August, 2017

containers arrived, Mark asking for a release. JOBO asking for release from “the forwarder” Vicki and KING. They claims there is a 60 USD less because the bank took too much commission, so they cannot release, JOBO said 60USD is not a big deal, and ask them to think for long term cooperation, they didn’t agree.

2ed September, 2017

 JOBO gave an offer that JOBO will pay the extra commission from China, and asking for a paying account in China. The forwarder refused (because he is afraid JOBO will find out who he is with a real account information, and individual ID.

14th September, 2017

 Another forwarder(KING and Vicki booked the container via this forwarder)  found JOBO via information on BL, saying they never got the shipping cost. Containers were stucked in port for over half month by then already. And the real shipping cost is 2680USD +1125 USD rather than the price 1940USD+950USD Vicki asked for. That means Vicki attracted Mark by an unreasonable price which is lower than the cost itself. Till now we realize that the Mark were cheated by the forwarder found Canton Fair. He has no other choice to pay the real forwarder again 2680USD +1125 USD to get his containers released. Before payment, JOBO person went to the office of the forwarder who is keeping BL original in hand, we checked everything. And paid the shipping cost.

30th September, just the day before Chinese National Day holiday, we got the release for Mark. By then, the containers were stucked in port for over one month. Mark lost so much money.

After talking with friends about this story, we know there are something similare happened before.

We believe he is not the only one cheated. The forwarder attracted buyer by lower price which is an unreasonable price lower than cost, get payment from clients, but never pay to shipping company, and never replies after payment. JOBO tried very hard to find out this cheating forwarder company, we went to police station, but not succeed finding out. The address is fake, the company is fake.

To avoid more victims, we decide to publish the cheating company information as below.

  Please be aware of this cheater, and don’t be cheated again.


NO.802Room Xinlu Building,No.4727 Gonghexin Road,Baoshan District, Shanghai City, China. (fake address belongs to another company)

Tel # 86-21-61116923  (no answer forever)

Mobile: 86-13918829245 (answer sometimes only, but cannot find out this person)

Website:  (all information are fake, and the only real information is the payment account to get money