Why do you destroy our electric tricycles?

Recently, pizhou city of Jiangsu Province Government departments concerned to 3,268 electric three (four) round focused on the destruction of the car. This focused on the destruction of non-action focuses at a waste site in pizhou city nianzhuang town, day focused on the destruction of 3268 electric three (four) Wheeler, was investigated in rows of three (four), Wheeler concentrated emissions together, with the start of a forklift, a three (four) Wheeler instantly smashed into scrap metal.
A General Electric tricycle, buy less when three thousand or four thousand, boxcar near tens of thousands of pieces, buy these tricycles are the lower income people, rich people drive a car who opened three rounds? It's all their hard earned money of the people, their tricycles for they can live even survival tool, but the deprivation of their rights was relentless!