What should you do in the evening before riding day?

1. Watching the weather forecast

The weather forecast  is an estimated result. There is no weather forecast is 100% acurate throughout 

the year. What we can do is to check the weather forecast at night before the riding day so that we 

could get a relatively accurate forecast and make judgments in advance. Then you can sleep well.

2. Change the alarm clock music

As the saying goes, when you want to smash a song, you just set it as your alarm ringtone. Changing 

the usual alarms in advance will definitely improve your mood to get up the next day, or you can try 

the vibration of the smart bracelet to wake up.

3. Get ready for the riding suit

With the increase of the age of riding, many friends' riding equipment has reached the top. And people pay much attention on matching of cycling clothing. Choosing equipment for the next day's trip in advance, so as to avoid the choice of difficulty in the morning.

4. Pack everything

If you are traveling 4+2 this time, pack your bags  in advance and be well prepared in case for need.

5. Prepare energy food

Whether it's a long-distance ride or a short-distance ride, the carrying of energy foods will always keep you prepared. If you are losing weight by dieting and exercise, or trying a new diet, spare energy food will definitely help you at a critical moment.

6. Sleep on time

Sleeping on time is a difficult thing for most modern people. Losing precious sleep time can affect your physical and mental recovery. It is recommended to avoid using electronic products within 1 hour before going to bed, and the blue light on the screen will affect your sleep quality.

7. Don't steal snacks at night

Sleeping food will also affect your sleep quality. Try to avoid any food intake within 2 hours before

going to bed. Otherwise, it will increase the probability of gastroesophageal reflux disease after long time.

8. Avoid drinking alcohol

Some people are accustomed to relying on drinking to help sleep. In fact, drinking before going to bed will affect the quality of sleep and the quality of body recovery to some extent, as well as the intake of caffeine before going to bed.

9. Prepare breakfast ingredients in advance

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for cycling. Before riding, we should try to supplement 

carbohydrate-based foods and avoid oil and fat intake. In addition, the choice of carbohydrates 

should try to choose a lower glycemic index, and oatmeal is one of the best choices.

10. Set Plan B

In case the weather forecast is not acurate, or if you go out and encounter a mechanical failure that 

cannot be saved, it will undoubtedly ruin your good mood for the day. Do a spare plan to avoid a day 

of ruin.