Rear hub motor VS Mid drive motor

Rear hub motor


*Rear hub motor electric bike is most usual.

*Rear hub motor bikes could provide assistance with a throttle.

*Rear hub motor is much cheaper than mid drive motor.

*Hub motors require little or no maintenance. They are an entirely independent drive system that retain all of their components inside the motor casing, leaving nothing for you to mess with or maintain.


*Rear hub motors are a little more cumbersome to install or remove because the gears (chain, derailleur, etc.) need to be worked around.

*It has a tendency to “bog down” on long steep climbs.

*Hub motors can be more limiting when it comes to wheel components such as rims, tires and cassettes. Because you’re limited to the rim that comes with the hub motor, you might not be able to fit your favorite tire, and the width of hub motors often precludes cassettes with more than 7 speeds.

Mid drive motor


*Mid-drive system are known for higher performance and torque.

*Mid drive motor can leverage the lower gears of the bike and keep their rpm’s in an efficient range without getting “bogged down” like a hub motor. This is a good feature if you ride in areas that have consistently long and steep climbs.

*Since the motor is at the cranks of the bike it provides for a low and centered weight distribution. This helps improve the overall handling of your electric bike by better distributing the weight.

*There are also sensors that will reduce power when the system senses that the rider is going to shift gears to make the shift smoother.


*Since the power is being transferred through the drivetrain of the bike there can be more wear applied to the drivetrain components (chain, cogs, derailleur, etc.). 

*Mid-drive motors in general are also more expensive than the tried and true, mass-produced hub motors found on many e-bikes.