How To Extend Electric Bike Driving Distance?

mid drive ebike.jpg

Today we'd like to talk something about the battery capacity and driving distance of electric bicycles.

JOBO electric bike driving distance with pedal assistant system is 30-60kms. 

How should we do when someone is dissatisfactory with the driving distance? Some people may want us to extend their electric bike driving distance to 80kms.

Fortunately we can expand the battery capacity to extend driving distance. The detail practice is amplifing the 36V 10Ah battery to 17Ah with 50pcs 3500mah cell. 

To ensure electric bike high quality, we always use samsung battery cell. JOBO must be responsible for all customers' safety.

After the capacity expansion of battery, ebikes can get to 80kms driving distance. Although it cost extra more, however long driving distance of ebike improve customer's satisfaction substantially.